30541 SOP-8 5pcs/lot 30541 SOP-8 5pcs/lot $7.92 Buy Now
34R3436-CV 5pcs/lot 34R3436-CV 5pcs/lot $4.62 Buy Now
5A160SA SSC5A160SA SOP-7 5pcs/lot 5A160SA SSC5A160SA SOP-7 5pcs/lot $4.80 Buy Now
5A160SB New SOP-7 5pcs/lot 5A160SB New SOP-7 5pcs/lot $10.56 Buy Now
5L0565R 5pcs/lot 5L0565R 5pcs/lot $1.98 Buy Now
5Q0565RT 5pcs/lot 5Q0565RT 5pcs/lot $1.32 Buy Now
8033W SI-8033W New SOP-8 5pcs/lot 8033W SI-8033W New SOP-8 5pcs/lot $4.62 Buy Now
8205ND SI-8205NHD New SOP-8 5pcs/lot 8205ND SI-8205NHD New SOP-8 5pcs/lot $5.28 Buy Now
8655BA Si8655BA SOP-16 5pcs/lot 8655BA Si8655BA SOP-16 5pcs/lot $6.60 Buy Now
95160WP M95160-WMN6TP SOP8 5pcs/lot 95160WP M95160-WMN6TP SOP8 5pcs/lot $1.98 Buy Now
95256WP 95256WQ SOP-8 5pcs/lot 95256WP 95256WQ SOP-8 5pcs/lot $1.98 Buy Now
9561GH AP9561AGH 9561AGH MOS TO-252 5pcs/lot 9561GH AP9561AGH 9561AGH MOS TO-252 5pcs/lot $0.66 Buy Now
A3938SLD TSSOP38 MOSFET 5pcs/lot A3938SLD TSSOP38 MOSFET 5pcs/lot $9.24 Buy Now
A4950T A4950ELJTR-T PWM SOP-8 5pcs/lot A4950T A4950ELJTR-T PWM SOP-8 5pcs/lot $1.98 Buy Now
A605F LTA605F LTA605F-A2-TE2 New SOP-8 5pcs/lot A605F LTA605F LTA605F-A2-TE2 New SOP-8 5pcs/lot $3.30 Buy Now
A6063H DIP-7 5pcs/lot A6063H DIP-7 5pcs/lot $1.58 Buy Now
A8904SLPT 5pcs/lot A8904SLPT 5pcs/lot $6.60 Buy Now
AAT1138 New 5pcs/lot AAT1138 New 5pcs/lot $3.30 Buy Now
AAT1176B AAT1176B-Q7-T-C QFN 5pcs/lot AAT1176B AAT1176B-Q7-T-C QFN 5pcs/lot $3.96 Buy Now
AAT1278 AAT1278IUP-T1 QFN48 5pcs/lot AAT1278 AAT1278IUP-T1 QFN48 5pcs/lot $3.96 Buy Now
AAT1908 AAT1908-Q17-T QFN-20 5pcs/lot AAT1908 AAT1908-Q17-T QFN-20 5pcs/lot $4.62 Buy Now
ABS10 SOP-4 New 1A 1000V 5pcs/lot ABS10 SOP-4 New 1A 1000V 5pcs/lot $0.20 Buy Now
AD22301 8-Pin LCC8 AD22301 8-Pin LCC8 $10.56 Buy Now
AD22302 8-Pin LCC8 AD22302 8-Pin LCC8 $10.56 Buy Now
AD8065ARTZ AD8065 HRA SOT-23-5 5pcs/lot AD8065ARTZ AD8065 HRA SOT-23-5 5pcs/lot $3.30 Buy Now
ADV3002BSTZ01 5pcs/lot ADV3002BSTZ01 5pcs/lot $13.20 Buy Now
AE6208 SOP-8 5pcs/lot AE6208 SOP-8 5pcs/lot $0.40 Buy Now
AO4447A 4447A SOP-8 5pcs/lot AO4447A 4447A SOP-8 5pcs/lot $0.92 Buy Now
AO4892 4892 N channel MOS SOP-8 5pcs/lot AO4892 4892 N channel MOS SOP-8 5pcs/lot $1.19 Buy Now
AO714 MSOP8 5pcs/lot AO714 MSOP8 5pcs/lot $1.58 Buy Now
AOD606 D606 TO-252 5pcs/lot AOD606 D606 TO-252 5pcs/lot $1.06 Buy Now
AOZ3013PI Z3013PI SOP-8 5pcs/lot AOZ3013PI Z3013PI SOP-8 5pcs/lot $1.58 Buy Now
AOZ3018PI Z3018PI SOP-8 5pcs/lot AOZ3018PI Z3018PI SOP-8 5pcs/lot $1.45 Buy Now
AP2005 SOP-8 5pcs/lot AP2005 SOP-8 5pcs/lot $0.53 Buy Now
AP2007 IC SOP-8 5pcs/lot AP2007 IC SOP-8 5pcs/lot $1.06 Buy Now
AP2962B AP2962 SOP-8 5pcs/lot AP2962B AP2962 SOP-8 5pcs/lot $0.53 Buy Now

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1 x 2SK3424 K3424 NEC TO-220
1 x 2SK18A New Original ZIP-7 5PCS/LOT
1 x FSAM20SH60A 5pcs/lot
1 x STM8L101F3P6 TSSOP-20 16MHz/8KB /8bit MCU
1 x ELSTEIN SHTS/4 300W 230V infrared elements
1 x BUV48C TO-218 1200V 15A 5pcs/lot
1 x 2SB549 2SD415 B549 D415 New Original NEC 5pair/lot
2 x TQS FSM-H2 quartz infrared-heater
1 x PO118DA PO118 P0118 P0118DA ST TO-92
1 x CD4081BM96 SOIC-14 CMOS
1 x 130NF20D STY130NF20D TO-247 200V 130A 5pcs/lot
1 x 74HC151D SOIC-16
1 x SN74LVC1G3157DBVR SOT-23-6
1 x 74HC273D SOIC-20
1 x SN74HC164N DIP-14
1 x 2SK389-GR K389 New Original ZIP-7 5PCS/LOT
1 x IXFX20N120 TO-247 1200V 20A 5pcs/lot
1 x SN74HC373NSR SOIC-20
1 x SN74HC14N DIP14
1 x IRF622 New TO-220 5pcs/lot
1 x 16CTQ100 New Original IR TO-220 5PCS/LOT
1 x 2SA838 A838 New Original Panasonic TO-92 5PCS/LOT
1 x CD4066BM96 SOIC-14 CMOS
1 x SN74LVC2G04DCKR SOT-363
1 x XC6SLX9-2TQG144C LQFP-144 102 I/O FPGA
1 x 2SK2957 3SK2957 K2957 New Original 5PCS/LOT
1 x 2SA2040 A2040 TO-252
1 x 74HC138D SOIC-16
1 x KSA1142-O/A1142-O/2SA1142-O C2682 TO-126
1 x STV0360C 5pcs/lot
1 x 74HC245D SOIC-20
1 x LC7536 DIP30
1 x HPM2600A New Original Minco 5PCS/LOT
1 x MC14094BDR2G SOIC-16
1 x TIP102 SEC TO-220
1 x BX-1201 New Original 13 5PCS/LOT
1 x S4427 DIP8 IR
1 x E40ED1E TO-247 5pcs/lot
1 x BQ21040DBVR CODE 130E SOT-23-6 0.8A
1 x CD4021BE DIP-16
1 x 74HC1G66GW SOT-353
1 x MJH6287 MJH6284 New Original Motorola TO-218 5pair/lot
1 x 2SC3622 C3622 NEC TO-92
1 x KIA7812API KIA7812A 7812 KEC TO-220F
1 x 74HCT4066D SOIC-14
1 x ZR2431 ZR243101 ZR2431C01STZ ZETEX TO-92
1 x TQS FSK-P-H2 quartz infrared-heater
1 x TQS FS-P-HM quartz infrared-heater
1 x 1CD2403 TUNER
1 x IRFU110 IR TO-251
1 x HEF4066BT SOIC-14
1 x APW7273 New QFN 5pcs/lot
1 x 2SA751 A751 New Original Panasonic 5PCS/LOT
1 x 50N025-09BP SUD50N025-09BP TO-252
1 x RT9164 RT9164-25PL TO-252
1 x 74AHC245PW TSSOP-20
1 x RT9078-33GJ5 3.3V New 5pins SOT23-5 5pcs/lot
1 x FS5KM-10A FS5KM TO-220F
1 x 2SD288 D288 TO-220
1 x BF421 TO-92
1 x 74LVC245APW TSSOP-20
1 x 2SA839 A839 New Original TO-220 5PCS/LOT
1 x MPS651 ZETEX TO-92
1 x SN74HC573NSR SOIC-20
1 x STM8S003F3U6TR UFQFPN20 16MHz/8KB /8bit MCU
1 x ADUM3201ARZ-RL7 SOIC-8
1 x D413A AOD413A TO-252 40V 12A 5pcs/lot
1 x 74LVC74AD SOIC-14
1 x 74HC4052PW TSSOP-16
1 x HFT-66S/W116CW TUNER
1 x AP5056IM8P 5056 IC MSOP-8 5pcs/lot
1 x IOT ELSTEIN pet ceramic heater IOT/75
1 x CD4511BE CMOS DIP16
1 x IRF3710 IRF3710PBF IR TO-220
1 x 2SB1184 B1184 Rohm TO-252
1 x SI-8120E SK8120E TO220F-5
1 x CD4053BM96 SOIC16 CMOS
1 x OB233FSP New DIP-7 5pcs/lot
1 x MC74HC165ADR2G SOIC-16
1 x MPS650 ZETEX TO-92
1 x SN74HC165N DIP-16
1 x MC74ACT14DR2G SOIC-14
1 x 1CE6389B TUNER SHARP sharp
1 x FGT313 TO-220F
1 x AD9833BRMZ-REEL7 MSOP-10
1 x 74HC4050D SOIC-16
1 x SN74LS145DR SOIC-16
1 x S4220 New SOP-8 5pcs/lot
1 x NE555P DIP-8
1 x CD4049 DIP-16
1 x 2SB1640 B1640 60V 3A PNP
1 x PN8322 LED SOP-8 5pcs/lot
1 x D1414 2SD1414 KTD1414 KEC TO-220F
1 x 2SC1986 2SA771 C1986 A771 New Original Sanken 5pair/lot
1 x 74LVC04AD SOIC-14
1 x AU6210K New QFP-48 5PCS/LOT
1 x AP2962B AP2962 SOP-8 5pcs/lot
1 x SN74AHC14DR SOIC-14
1 x SN74LVC2G04DBVR SOT-23-6
1 x TD1136/FV TUNER nutune
1 x KST-000MA0-8 tuner
1 x BD679 ST TO-126
1 x 76107D HUF76107D Fairchild TO-252
1 x OB2338SP New DIP-7 5pcs/lot
1 x 2SK2018 K2018 TO-251
1 x FQPF10N20C 10N20C 10N20 Fairchild TO-220F
1 x CD4070BM96 SOIC-14 CMOS
1 x SN74HC244DWR SOIC-20
1 x C2688-Y KSC2688-Y 2SC2688 TO-126F Fairychild
1 x TP4351B TP43518 New SOP-16 5pcs/lot
1 x SN74HC574N DIP-20
1 x 2SJ530 J530 TO-252
1 x 2SC2021 C2021 C2021R Rohm TO-92L
1 x 2SB596 2SD526 B596 D526 New Original Toshiba 5pair/lot
1 x 2SB1659 2SD2589 B1659 D2589 New Original 5pair/lot
1 x TXB0102DCUR VSSOP-8 2bit
1 x STC8F2K08S2-28I-TSSOP20
1 x FDPF8N50NZ 8N50NZ 8N50 Fairchild TO-220F
1 x OB3351CP New SOP-14 5pcs/lot
1 x AP2005 SOP-8 5pcs/lot
1 x TL084CPWR TSSOP-14
1 x 74HCT4051D SOIC-16
1 x PN8316 New SOP-8 5pcs/lot
1 x OB3396AP New DIP-8 5pcs/lot
1 x ZH431 ZH43101 ZH431C01 ZETEX TO-92
1 x 2SB1474 B1474 TO-252
1 x HD74LS74AP DIP-14
1 x SN74ALVC164245DLR SSOP-48
1 x SN74LVC1G07DCKR SOT-353
1 x MB10M New DIP-4 5pcs/lot
1 x PN8015M New SOP-7 5pcs/lot
1 x 2N5192 2N5195 New Original TO-126 5pair/lot
1 x OB2281AMP code 281 with A SOT23-6 5pcs/lot
1 x SN74HC245N DIP-20
1 x PIC12F1822-I/SN SOIC-8 /8bit
1 x TDA7454
1 x RZ7889 New SOP-8 5pcs/lot
1 x OB3351TQP SOP-16 5pcs/lot
1 x AP3418KTR-G1 G5E New 5pins SOT23-5 5pcs/lot
1 x MC14051BDR2G SOIC-16
1 x 74HC123D SOIC-16
1 x 2SC2717 C2717 TO-92
1 x TQS FS-H2 quartz infrared-heater
1 x SN74HC164DR SOIC-14
1 x FS10UM-5 FS10UM TO-220
1 x APM4826 New SOP-8 5pcs/lot
1 x ZR78L06 78L06 7806 ZETEX TO-92
1 x OB2560TAP New DIP-8 5pcs/lot
1 x RF2001T3D RF2001-T3D RF2001 New Original TO-220F 5pair/lot
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